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Bringing Performance Culture is key for Performance Improvement - Performance Improvement

  • Many organisations are interested to improve their performance.

  • However, the employees are in working mode.

  • Work is effort.

  • Performance is result.

  • We build performance culture in the organization in incremental way

  • However, Change Appetite for every organization is different.

  • Hence results are bi product of change appetite of the organization

Our Tools

​Activity mapping sheets

​Key Result Areas

Key Performance Indicators

​Weekly/Monthly Goals

Goal Capturing formats

​Goal review and recourse sheets

​Roel Based Competencies to enhance performance

Competency Score

​Competency Score vs Performance Mapping

Patience for results and consistency in efforts are key drivers for success of this service.

  • Management commitment is must.

  • Please call us for discussion if you have any questions.

  • How do you identify the need of this service?

  • Characteristics of the organisation which require this service

  • Employees are working

  • Employees feel that what else is required as we are fully engaged, and we are working very hard, and we are busy too.

  • However, management is unable to achieve the required results.

  • Management is Unable to chase the targets/goal posts

  • Now it is the time to call OD Interface Experts and take Performance Improvement Initiatives Service


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